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Buttock lift

If you are planning to undergo buttock enhancement, it would be a good thing if you have a deeper understanding regarding the procedure. Sometimes, some patients are satisfied with their little knowledge such as just knowing what the surgery is all about. It would better if you are aware of every detail such as what to do before, during and after the procedure has been performed. If you will strictly follow the surgeon’s instructions, there is a higher chance that you will achieve the best results.

It is a great thing if you will lose weight prior to surgery but know that you will undergo additional procedures if you have excess skin. This may be required by the surgeon for you to have round buttocks just like what you desire. When you lose weight, a lot of fat in your body will disappear but the excess skin will stay, and the buttocks are not an exception. Many patients want buttock augmentations because their buttocks are deflated and need extra volume. The problem is that, when you lose volume, the excess skin will stay, and when you perform an augmentation on a saggy buttock, you will have a big saggy buttock.

The best thing to do especially if you have excess skin is to fix the foundation of the buttock before the surgery. In other words, the excess skin needs to be removed prior to fat injection. There are many ways of removing excess skin, depending on its location. If you have significant excess skin in all the different areas of your buttocks, then an incision can be made above the buttock and the excess skin will be removed. This is what is called a buttock excisional lift, where the skin is removed and nothing is done to shape or augment the buttock.







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