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When it comes to breast augmentation using breast implants, there is a high success rate. However, there are still patients and critics who constantly worry if the breast implants are safe.

Silicone breast implant has been the topic of hot debate in the past decade especially with a significant number of women undergoing breast implants for cosmetic or reconstruction purposes. There have been multiple studies carried out as well because of the existing misconceptions pertaining to breast implants. There are patients who think that having breast implants can make them sick over time. A review of all the literature in the past 2 to 3 decades demonstrate that silicone breast implants have been associated with illnesses such as connective tissue disease, pain disorders, rheumatologic disorder, immune dysfunction, etc.

You need to understand that the silicone breast implants are extremely safe especially if they are made in the United States. The FDA has been studying it for decades to establish its safety and to reduce the commonly known complications that go with it. There have been plenty of new advances in technology have extraordinarily improved the silicone material, which has made the implants sturdier and more cohesive allowing it to maintain its shape and increase its tensile strength. In addition, the shell of the implant has been significantly refined and upgraded so that there is lower risk for silicone leakage unlike before.

The breast implant alone cannot make you sick. Choosing the wrong surgeon, size and type of implant do. You need to understand as well that you can’t just simply ask your surgeon to make your breasts bigger to the size that you desire. Your safety is always the top priority. Aside from that, you must be always open to the benefits and limitations that breast implants can give you.







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