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Can I combine multiple procedures with a tummy tuck?

Many women have been dreaming of achieving an hourglass body figure. This makes them ask if it is possible to combine multiple procedures together with a tummy tuck. The answer is yes although you already know that the tummy tuck only deals with the abdomen. Before you consider having multiple procedures, you need to think about it for many times. You also have to ask all your queries to your surgeon regarding your concerns which include your expected results. If you will set your expectations, make sure that they are real because you will just be upset if your expectations are not met.

Regarding the liposuction procedure, if you want to include your thighs and the axilla, you can also perform a tummy tuck at the same time. What is important is the length of the procedure and how you are going to recover from it. For patients who have undergone massive weight loss, combining more than 2 procedures at the same time is going to be very difficult. This is due to the fact that the scars are going to be long and there is plenty of work needed in order to improve these areas. On the other hand, if the patient is small in size and they do not have a lot of excess skin, additional procedures might be added due to the length of the surgery itself.

It is not advisable to take more than 2 procedures at once. This is because the patient will have difficulty in the recovery process. If you want 3 or 4 surgeries in different areas, you are going to need to stage these into different surgeries, otherwise, the judgment of the surgeon, as well as the specific patient’s needs, will ultimately determine how many procedures you can have in one surgery to make it safe and yield a good result.







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