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18th Oct 2020

How expensive is liposuction?

Liposuction is the procedure that can help you get rid of unwanted fat deposits from different areas of your body. We can use liposuction to eliminate fat deposits from areas such as the chin, but also the abdomen and flanks,...

08th Jan 2019

How Safe Is Fat Transfer To The Hips?

How Safe Is Fat Transfer To The Hips?   When dealing with hip augmentation, a doctor might suggest a fat transfer procedure, also known as fat grafting. During the surgery, liposuction is used in order for the surgeon to harvest...

07th Jan 2019

Can I Use A Donor For Fat Transfer?

Can I Use A Donor For Fat Transfer?   The fat transfer method is used most of the time in butt augmentation surgeries. You can either enhance your buttock volume using gluteal implants or by transferring fat cell deposits. Most...

11th Aug 2017

Fat transfer to the hips to achieve the hourglass shape

A woman who has an hourglass shaped body is very attractive in the eyes of both men and women. The proportion of the slim waist to the much larger bust and hips is something that many women aim to have....

10th Jul 2017

Can I have fat transferred to any area of the body?

The fat transfer or fat grafting increases the mass of body parts lacking volume. The excess fat in another area will be transferred to the targeted area to lessen the risk of the body rejecting the transferred fat. With the...

07th Jul 2017

Exploring the options for fat removal from the body

Most people are conscious about the shape and silhouette of their body. Due to their desire to look fit and attractive, they do their best to remove any excess fat. This is possible through regular exercise and a proper diet....

05th Jul 2017

The Uses of Fat Transfer in Plastic Surgery

Many people believe that unwanted pockets of fat in different areas of their body are unsightly. Most would prefer their stomach fat to transfer to other areas of their body, such as their buttocks. They would joke about the possibility...

28th Jun 2017

How does fat transfer procedure work

The fat transfer procedure for buttock augmentation is one of the very popular plastic surgeries in the US and around the world. Since the procedure is relatively safer and delivers natural results, the demand for fat transfer, also known as...