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15th Oct 2021

3 Things to know about the Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is probably one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today. It entails the use of the patient’s own fat cells to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. The procedure is all-natural and boasts...

30th Sep 2021

Are there other methods to correct saggy buttocks aside from surgery?

Nowadays people are interested in achieving good aesthetic results with minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures or no surgery at all. In some cases, there are things such as massages, diets and physical exercises that can help in correcting certain imperfections...

09th Aug 2021

What to tell your surgeon before butt augmentation

The first step towards getting the buttocks of your dreams is a consultation with the plastic surgeon. During this initial meeting, he will evaluate whether you are a good candidate and see if there are any contraindications to the procedure....

30th Jul 2021

Which is the safest method to get bigger buttocks?

When it comes to butt enhancement procedures, developments in the field in the last decade have been incredible. There are procedures that specialists have tried to develop for many decades that are finally possible to be performed. Also, the results...

12th Jul 2021

Risks and how to avoid them after butt augmentation

Butt augmentation surgery is a safe and straightforward procedure when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility. However, no procedure is completely risk-free, and it is important for patients to know what risks are associated...

24th May 2021

Best buttock enhancement procedures

Introduction In the last decade, the focus was clearly on the mighty bootie and this was reflected in an increase in demand for butt enhancement procedures. While working out at the gym and keeping a balanced and healthy diet can...

21st May 2021

Is butt augmentation surgery really safe?

The desire to have a bigger, perkier butt can lead people to plastic surgery, as this is the only efficient and safe method to get a considerable increase in the size of your buttocks. When thinking about butt augmentation, most...

21st May 2021

I want a rounder, bigger butt. What can I do?

The fascination with big buttocks is obvious as they are stare at us from TVs, from the cover of magazines, and even when we go to the supermarket. Because so many celebrities have become a part of the big booty...