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Buttock augmentation options for athletes

Introduction Athletes are among the most common patients of buttock augmentation surgery because their physical appearance and aesthetic features are crucial to their profession. A majority of athletes have extremely low body fat volume. However, there are also many athletes...

23rd Mar 2021

Butt lift with implants: yes or no?

The appearance of the buttocks is very important for many of us, men and women alike. Plastic surgery has many different procedures to offer that can help give us the physical appearance we desire. In some cases, butt augmentation procedures...

23rd Mar 2021

Recommended diet after the BBL

For patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their behind, the Brazilian butt lift is often the best option possible. There are numerous benefits associated with this procedure. First and foremost, we are talking about a minimally invasive surgery that...

05th Mar 2021

How to find the best breast augmentation surgeon

Without question, breast augmentation surgery is among the two most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. Moreover, patients resorting to this procedure mention a considerable increase in their level of self-esteem after getting bigger breasts and an improved...


Fat survival after butt augmentation with fat

Introduction Buttock augmentation with fat is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. This procedure is used to add projection and shape to the buttocks. Also known as the Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer uses the...


Combining buttock augmentation with a buttock lift

Introduction For most patients, buttock augmentation surgery alone is enough to enhance the booty and deliver the desired results. However, many patients also need a butt lift in addition to butt augmentation. Instead of getting both procedures at different times,...

02nd Mar 2021

How to avoid fat necrosis after BBL

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most in demand procedures performed to improve the appearance of the buttocks. There are a few, very simple reasons why patients prefer to undergo this procedure whenever possible. More than anything else,...


Butt asymmetry after butt augmentation

Introduction The buttocks play an important part in defining the physical appearance and femininity of women. Women with bigger buttocks look more feminine, fertile, and beautiful. If your buttocks are smaller or flatter and you are experiencing lower self-esteem due...