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04th Jul 2014

Is It Possible for Older Women to Have Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation has grown very popular over the years. In fact, here at our Houston plastic surgery practice, it is one of the frequently discussed procedure during initial consultations. We have also noticed lately that an increasing number of women...

20th Apr 2014

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

A lot of women believe that bigger breasts can make them more attractive. A bigger breast size also boosts their confidence and makes them feel much better about themselves. Here at RejuVenus Aesthetics, Dr. Cortés performs breast augmentation in Houston...


A Primer on Breast Augmentation

Why do a lot of women want big breasts and choose to go under the knife? Simple. Breast augmentation improves level of confidence, makes them more feminine, adds to their appeal, and helps attract men. No wonder breast augmentation has...

05th Sep 2013

The 2 Most Important Steps Before Deciding on Your Houston Breast Augmentation

While the skills and expertise of your breast enhancement surgeon is a huge factor which could influence the success of the procedure,  it also pays to do your part in ensuring the success of the surgery. Whether it’s a breast...