Category: Breast Lift

19th Nov 2021

Mastopexy to improve self-esteem

The appearance of the breasts is very important not only for women, but also for men. As a man, to have enlarged breasts can be a real burden associated with serious emotional complexes. As a woman, to have breasts that...

17th Nov 2021

How to get perky breasts even in your 50s

When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery after 40 years old, many patients ask if they should pursue the procedure they are interested in or if it is too late for them. As I always tell patients, plastic surgery is...

12th Oct 2021

Breast lift for teenage patients

It might sound ludicrous for teenagers to even consider undergoing plastic surgery when their bodies are barely developing and the effects of factors such as aging or gravity haven’t affected them at all, but there are cases when it might...

08th Oct 2021

Who benefits more from the breast lift?

The breast lift often delivers spectacular results for women with saggy breasts. There are different categories of patients who can benefit from the procedure, such as women who have undergone multiple pregnancies, severe weight loss, and women whose breasts have...

15th Sep 2021

When not to schedule your breast lift

The indication for the breast lift will be given by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon will perform a thorough medical examination on the patient and also ask questions about the patient’s lifestyle and habits, as...

13th Sep 2021

Reasons why mastopexy needs to be performed

Mastopexy is the medical term we use for the breast lift. The procedure is very popular nowadays as it is the only effective solution to correct breast ptosis. Breast ptosis can affect women of different ages and whatever the volume...

24th Jul 2021

Is a revision surgery ever required after a breast lift?

Introduction Even though most women undergo the breast lift believing that the procedure will deliver stellar results, a revision breast lift may be sometimes required. The bad news is that there is no guarantee that the breast lift will always...

23rd Jul 2021

Common reasons why women get a breast lift

Introduction Our bodies are subject to many changes, and the female breasts are particularly more exposed to changes. Factors like aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, massive weight fluctuations, and gravity affect the breasts in negative ways. Since women are extremely sensitive...