Category: Breast Procedures

12th Mar 2020

Signs you need a breast reduction

  Women with overly large breasts can resort to plastic surgery to have the volume of their breasts reduced. This might seem hilarious for women struggling with emotional complexes due to the underdevelopment of their breasts; however, women with excessively...

12th Mar 2020

Scheduling the breast lift after weight loss

  Weight gain is not only a matter of the aesthetics of the body, but also health and functionality. People who are severely overweight or obese struggle to fulfill day to day activities that are pretty easy and straightforward for...

05th Mar 2020

Mastopexy: a procedure to correct breast ptosis

  When thinking about plastic surgery on the breasts, many people think about breast implant surgery, and there is a reason behind this. Breast augmentation with implants allows millions of women all over the world to get the breasts of...

04th Mar 2020

Precautions before a breast reduction surgery

The breast reduction surgery is the procedure that women with overly large breasts can resort to in order to get breasts that are more proportionate with the rest of their body. When the breast reduction surgery is performed, the plastic...

24th Feb 2020

Natural methods to lift the breasts on the chest wall

  It can be very frustrating for women to notice how their breasts are going downhill, sometimes even starting from an early age. Breast sagginess is not only aesthetically unpleasing, but it can also trigger real emotional complexes for the...

23rd Feb 2020

Choosing the plastic surgeon for a breast reduction

  Any type of procedure performed on the breasts should be regarded with the utmost care as it targets one of the most sensitive areas of the body which is also the symbol of femininity and sex appeal. The appearance...

10th Feb 2020

Is there an ideal age to undergo a breast lift?

  The breast lift, known in medical terms as mastopexy, is used to correct the position of the breasts on the chest wall by re-centering the mammary gland and eliminating the excess skin present on the breasts. Breast ptosis can...

09th Feb 2020

Can i have a breast reduction during my period?

  When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery as complex and delicate as breast reduction, you will see that there are quite a few instructions you need to follow before and after undergoing the procedure. It is during the pre-operative...