Category: Breast Procedures

08th Jul 2013

New Silicone Implants Gets FDA Approval for Houston Breast Augmentation

In addition to four existing silicone implants available for Houston breast augmentation, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved Mentor’s MemoryShape silicone implants for breast augmentation and reconstruction. If you’ve been thinking of getting breast implants in...

12th Apr 2013

Deciding on Your Houston Breast Augmentation

Houston Breast Augmentation* Your initial consultation with Dr. Cortés of the RejuVenus Aesthetics in Houston, Texas is an opportunity for you to ask and clarify your doubts about a Houston breast augmentation procedure.  Dr. Cortés warmly welcomes the client who...

20th Mar 2013

How breast augmentation can improve your self-esteem

For an adult woman, a pair of well-defined breasts is usually a source of pride and a confidence booster. This is so as the breasts can accentuate the woman’s curves and body contour. Unfortunately, several factors like skin aging, pregnancy,...

31st Jan 2013

How can a breast reduction in houston help you?

For many women, having a pair of big breasts is somewhat considered a blessing. It is not a secret that most ladies would want to have large rather than small breasts. There are instances, however, when some women in Houston...

20th Jul 2012

Houston Breast Reduction Is For Males And Females

Breast Reduction is a very common procedure for women and for men as well. While reduction procedures may have different specific purposes for men and women, the basic goal is to reduce breasts to achieve physical comfort and aesthetic balance....