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Why are butt implants more durable than breast implants?

  The implants used in plastic surgery procedures nowadays are external medical prostheses that are inserted into different areas of the body to add more volume and increase the size of that feature of the body. In the United States,...


When to check in with the surgeon after getting butt implants

  When it comes to undergoing surgery for health purposes, patients know that they will meet the surgeon during the recovery process as he needs to monitor their condition and ensure everything is okay. Well, the same is valid for...


The ideal placement of gluteal implants

  Nowadays due to the development of plastic surgery, both men and women can augment the size of their rear end with the help of the butt augmentation. There are two types of butt augmentation procedures to increase the size...


Intense pain in the buttocks after getting implants

  Despite the tremendous development of plastic surgery over the last decades, there is no procedure that is completely risk-free. There is no surgery performed for health or aesthetic purposes that is not associated with any risks. However, some procedures...


Can the doctor use breast implants for butt augmentation?

  We have seen it over mass media: patients undergoing butt augmentation with implants abroad returning home to discover that they actually had breast implants inserted in their rear end. This probably caused many people to start wondering if the...


Can i get butt implants in my 20s?

  When thinking about resorting to plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, many people want to know at what age they can undergo a certain procedure. Generally speaking, plastic surgery can be nowadays performed on patients from 6 to 69...


What is a common placement for gluteal implants?

  Butt augmentation can be performed either with implants or fat transfer. For the fat transfer to be performed there is one condition: the patient needs to have an excess of fat tissue in other areas of the body that...


Are butt implants similar to breast implants?

  Breast augmentation with implants is the second most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world. Many people know some or all the details entailed by the procedure, even if they are not personally interested in undergoing the procedure. This...