Category: Fillers

18th Jul 2014

Don’t Let Sagging Jowls Bring You Down!

Apart from the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, the appearance of sagging jowls is one of the most telling signs of physical aging. In some cases, their appearance could also result from massive weight loss as your face is...

27th Jun 2014

A Working Woman’s Guide to Looking Young Minus the Long Recovery Period

Working women make up a huge portion of our clients who are highly satisfied with our services here at our Houston cosmetic surgery practice. Every so often, these women would often choose to have minimally invasive cosmetic procedures because they...

20th Dec 2013

How Facial Fillers Help You

As we age, our body undergoes different changes, and most of them are unwanted. Along with stress and other environmental factors, we develop extra fat, sagging skin, and the ever loathed wrinkles. Since how our face looks is essentially important,...

15th Sep 2013

5 Ways to Naturally Look Younger Without a Face Lift

Admit it, at one point in your life, you’ve probably thought about how to look younger than your real age. This is quite common when you are already way past your 30s. If you’re still internally debating whether you should...