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20th Sep 2018

How to achieve bigger, sexier buttocks

The buttocks are among the most important areas of your body. It not only plays a role in keeping you healthy but it also defines your physical beauty, fertility, and posture. If you have natural sexy booties, you are lucky....

13th Sep 2018

How to ensure you get satisfactory results after a butt enhancement procedure

When considering undergoing a plastic surgery intervention, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you get satisfactory results after the procedure. Even if most procedures have been performed with a high satisfaction rate for years now,...

30th Aug 2018

No butt after weight loss

Weight loss does not mean you also have to lose your curves; however, the bad news is that when you shed fat, it normally leaves behind saggy skin. One of the important body areas that get affected by weight loss...

27th Jun 2018

Abdominoplasty And Butt Augmentation

Introduction Plastic surgery is a very vast field. There are numerous procedures that can effectively address specific aesthetic flaws. The problem is that there are times when we face multiple body issues. As of the moment, there doesn’t exist a...

06th Jun 2018

Why You Should Not Choose The Biggest Butt Implants?

Introduction If you are considering butt implant surgery, you are certainly considering it to augment your booties. While it is absolutely reasonable for women with smaller or flatter butts to go for butt implant surgery, you should be careful about...

17th Nov 2017

Creams that make your butt bigger

Even before Sir Mixalot popularized the song, “I like big butts/Baby Got Back, there has been that unquenchable fascination and hankering for a big butt with some women bemoaning the lack thereof. The rise of the Kardashians has brought back...

15th Nov 2017

Options for correcting sagging buttocks

Who does not dream of having a perfectly shaped butt? We aren’t narcissists, but we do share a normal interest in our appearance, specifically, our figure. One of the most sensitive topics related to this is the buttocks. Why sensitive?...

03rd Sep 2017

Correcting flat buttocks

Improving the shape and size of flat buttocks remains an artistic challenge for most plastic surgeons. Buttock augmentation has been performed for many years now, but achieving impressive results only happens when using the right treatment option and a talented...