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Butt Augmentation with Implant in Houston

BUTT IMPLANT* The hourglass Butt Augmentation with Implant in Houston procedure (Click here for Breast Augmentation in Houston)is a type of surgery developed by Dr. Cortés to create a fuller, more alluring posterior by inserting a firm silicone gel implant intramuscularly...


Butt Augmentation*

BUTT IMPLANT SURGERY | BUTT AUGMENTATION HOUSTON The hourglass butt augmentation procedure is a high volume fat transfer to the buttocks and hips, which is Dr. Cortes’s feature technique. The hourglass buttock augmentation is a procedure developed by Dr. Cortés. ...


Hourglass Hip Procedure

Hourglass hip procedure is a high volume fat transfer to the hips, which is one of the many techniques developed by Dr. Cortes.  This procedure has the main objective of improving the hip-to-waist ratio.  Only 8 to 10% of women...


Liposuction Houston

LIPOSUCTION* Hourglass liposuction is an effective and popular plastic surgery procedure to achieve the most coveted female body shape called the hourglass body. Since the hourglass body features a smaller waist and wider hips, the hourglass liposuction is designed to...


Hourglass Mommy Makeover

MOMMY MAKEOVER* Pregnancy can have adverse impacts on the aesthetics of your body. The hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding after childbirth may cause your breasts to become saggy. Furthermore, the growth of the baby will stretch your...


Hourglass Tummy Tuck

TUMMY TUCK* The hourglass tummy tuck is a procedure to recreate the hourglass figure and at the same time a flatter abdomen.  The hourglass tummy tuck is the only tummy tuck technique that will provide you with a better shape...