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04th Oct 2021

Do I need my parents’ approval to get a breast reduction?

As is the case with any plastic surgery procedure, parental approval is required if the patient is underage. When it comes to breast reduction surgery, it is often the case that teenage girls will want the procedure to be performed...

05th Jul 2021

Breast reduction recovery: Week by week

IntroductionIf your breasts have grown to the extent that the condition is creating physical and self-esteem issues for you, it’s a sign you need breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction decreases the size and weight of breasts that have become very...

04th Jun 2021

Breast reduction Woodlands: Pre- and post-operative instructions

Breast reduction Woodlands Bigger breasts are the signs of femininity and fertility, which is why many women desire to augment their breasts. However, when the breasts grow so much that they go out of proportion and become overly large, it...

03rd May 2021

Breast reduction and menopause

Studies show that one in five women experience an increase in the size of their breasts during menopause. For some, it might be not overly significant, but for others, it can be two bra cup sizes or even more. This...

20th Apr 2021

8 Questions people may ask you after a breast reduction and how to answer them

Introduction Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that many women undergo for both medical and aesthetic reasons. However, most women who get surgery do so for medical reasons. The breasts become excessively large for various reasons. Any factor that...

16th Apr 2021

Interesting facts about breast reduction surgery

Introduction For women with overly large breasts, there is one efficient solution that can help them regain mobility and improve their quality of life. The solution is called breast reduction surgery, and it delivers spectacular results when performed by a...

25th Mar 2021

Tightness in the breasts after getting a reduction

Overly large breasts can be corrected and their proportions can be reduced with the help of a plastic surgery procedure called breast reduction. Breast reduction is preferred by women struggling to perform daily activities and also confronted with health issues...

23rd Feb 2021

Scared of unsatisfactory results after breast reduction

If you have overly large breasts, chances are you are already familiar with the multiple discomforts associated with them. Big breasts, while very much in demand nowadays, are not always a blessing for women who suffer due to an excessive...