Celebrities who ruined their looks after plastic surgery

Celebrities who ruined their looks after plastic surgery

12th Dec 2017

Have you seen recent pictures of Donatella Versace and Mickey Rourke? They are like walking, talking advertising for celebrities who ruined their looks after undergoing plastic surgery. Not only do they have nothing to be proud of after going under the knife, but that they actually look far worse than before. We can call it a self-destruction process that is quite expensive and also painful. Nevertheless, it happened to quite a number of celebrities.

Plastic surgery plays a significant role in correcting certain body or face imperfections, but what happens when the visits to the plastic surgeon turn into an obsession? Everybody wants to look good! I don’t think there are either men or women, if given the options, who would not want to look great. Unfortunately for with some of our celebrities, it is starting to look like they are going through a self-mutilation process assisted by the plastic surgeon. Why would anybody do this?

The answers are varied. Sometimes, it is just a case of choosing the wrong plastic surgeon. In other cases, it is giving in to an out-of-control obsession with plastic surgery or just wanting to correct something that needs no correction and destroying something else in the process.

Whatever their reasons might be for undergoing plastic surgery, we give you a list of celebrities who managed to ruin their looks after undergoing plastic surgery:

1. Meg Ryan

She was adorable, charming, and pretty and pretty much perfect until she decided to improve her appearance further. In her case, the most striking difference after plastic surgery is in the lip area where she obviously had numerous collagen injections. More than this, the plastic surgery specialists believe that Meg Ryan had a facial lift and even another intervention to make her cheeks look higher and fuller. Unfortunately for her, going under the knife to improve her appearance has boomeranged on her. Not only is there no improvement but now, she even looked her worst after plastic surgery. It is such a pity because she started off as an actress worth remembering for her wholesome beauty and talent.

2. Melanie Griffith

So, let’s see about Melanie… she must have started with the surgical modification of the shape of her nose and we can’t fault her for that. But unfortunately for her, she didn’t stop here, although it would have probably been a wise choice. Melanie continued her plastic surgery quest with breast lifting, several Botox injections, some cheek augmentation, maybe collagen injections to the lips. Do you think she is happy with the results of her plastic surgery interventions? We wouldn’t bet on that, to be honest.

3. Nicole Kidman

She was perfect as she was and probably one of the most beautiful actresses in our history. But at some point she must have felt that she was losing her glow and glamor so she started developing an obsession with Botox injections. Watch her from afar and she will be as stunning as ever, but when you get close to her, the injections will become visible even to the untrained eye. We certainly hope she realizes the mistakes and won’t partake in any more plastic surgery that has no realistic expectations. After a certain age, a face that is wrinkle free is difficult to maintain for someone who is not made out of plastic or wax.

4. Donatella Versace

We have already mentioned her a few other times, but it is really impossible not to as she is the quintessential example of a plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. Donatella was a naturally beautiful woman about 20 years ago. Nowadays, she looks like she is made completely out of plastic, with an unnatural look and skin tone, a result of her addiction to plastic surgery and not very healthy tanning. We know it is not easy to make it in the world of fashion, but with so many examples of women from the fashion industry that aged perfectly and elegantly, we can’t give Donatella any excuses unfortunately.

5. Mickey Rourke

Of course, Mickey Rourke can’t really keep his plastic surgery interventions a secret. But how could he when their results are so visible and striking? He obviously went under a knife quite a few times and while we have no idea what he tried to improve with the help of plastic surgery, it is obvious that all he managed to do was to practically mutilate himself.

6. Tom Cruise

It is quite difficult to believe that Tom Cruise could be on our list, right? You must think we made a terrible mistake, but that is not really the case. Tom Cruise did get disfigured after having plastic surgery and anyone can get to this conclusion after seeing recent pictures of the famous actor. Apparently, over the years, he subjected himself to a few cosmetic interventions, some more invasive than the others to erase his wrinkles. It only managed to almost turn him into a wax statue. Of course, everybody is trying to find a way to escape the natural aging process, but in some cases, elegant aging is preferable to a not very impressive attempt to hang on to lost youth. Regrettably, the way we see it, Tom Cruise didn’t make a wise choice, as we see it. He could have been an amazing looking man, even if not in his 20s anymore, but he chose to become a wax statue instead.

7. Tori Spelling

Do you remember Donna from Beverly Hills 90210? She was one of the most adored actresses back then but the passage of time forgets or forgives no one, not even someone as famous and as well connected as her. Tori must have started her plastic surgery discovery with a breast augmentation procedure, probably looking for something to give her more sex appeal. The results of the procedure were certainly less than impressive and she spiraled into depression. She eventually ended up suing the doctor who performed her intervention, but this didn’t stop her from undergoing more plastic surgery interventions over the years. This is why we always tell you that choosing the right plastic surgeon can save you a lot of headaches later on…

8. Dolly Parton

She was a doll with the voice of an angel, or at least this was how many of her fans saw her. But over time, she apparently developed a true obsession with plastic surgery and she couldn’t stop doing it. As a result, she barely resembles the beautiful woman she was in the past. Did she need plastic surgery in the first place? Maybe, but definitely not something as invasive as the ones chose to have.

9. Priscilla Presley

Like so many other celebrities, Priscilla Presley ended up long ago in the hands of a so-called plastic surgeon that promised her the world. What he actually did was inject into her body a series of substances that were not FDA approved that left deep marks on her face. This was just the beginning for Priscilla. This was what led to the opening of Pandora’s box, as she went through many more plastic surgery interventions in the ensuing years.

10. Lil’ Kim

We have talked about her before, too. The addiction to plastic surgery is a vice difficult to keep under control, and Lil’ Kim is for sure a victim of this condition. She has been called “the plastic doll of America” as to date, she has had no less than ten plastic surgeries and the results are starting to look worrisome. The plastic surgery specialists say that if she will keep on this track of self-destruction, it won’t be long before she will be indistinguishable from her former self.


We could probably make a movie, or even better, a TV series based on celebrities who ruined their looks after plastic surgery. It would be interesting to find out what were their reasons for undergoing plastic surgery again and again and again, even if the results were starting to be worse every single time they did it. The desire to hang on to the youthful appearance is probably stronger with the celebrities than it is with the rest of us. Or maybe they feel that they have more to lose if they get old. Sex appeal is ephemeral and does not last a lifetime, so you make the best of it while youth is on your side. A woman in her 60s trying to look like a teenager is not an appearance pleasing to the eyes and it can’t be possible, not even with the help of all the plastic surgeons in the world. The plastic surgery can’t give you back your youthful years, nor can it eliminate completely eliminate the irrefutable marks of the passage of time.

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