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Changing the shape of the butt with fat transfer

Hi, this is Dr. Hourglass, and welcome to another video in our channel Bootyman. Today we are going to discuss: Changing the shape of the butt with fat transfer. In this channel, we will discuss everything you need to know about buttock enhancement procedures.

Welcome back! The buttocks are among the most important areas of the human body. They not only support us to walk, sit, and maintain posture but also define our overall body outline and aesthetic features. There are many people who have poorly shaped buttocks, and the condition affects their quality of life and self-esteem in negative ways.
Fat transfer to the buttocks, also called Brazilian butt lift, is an effective, popular, and proven way of enhancing the buttocks. While most people use the procedure to augment their buttocks, the primary goal of the intervention is to improve the shape of the buttocks.
Fat transfer surgery involves the use of your own body fat to reshape your buttocks. If your buttocks are poorly shaped and you have excess fat in your body, you may qualify for the fat transfer procedure. The surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia and IV sedation; however, general anesthesia can also be used if you want to remain fully asleep throughout the procedure.
During the surgery, the surgeon will use liposuction to remove the excess fat from localized areas of your body like the abdomen, sides, flanks, upper back, and thighs. Removal of the fat pockets from these areas will contour them, besides making your buttocks look prominent. The fat will then be processed and purified before grafting it carefully into the buttocks.
The fat grafting should be done very carefully. This is where the plastic surgeon’s surgical skills, knowledge, sense of aesthetics of the female body, and artistry come into play. A good plastic surgeon would pay attention to detail and beautifully sculpt the buttocks by grafting fat into the specific areas in a way that your aesthetic goals are achieved. The fat grafting is done with a special needle.
After the procedure, your buttocks will become shapelier, fuller, toned, and sensuous. The liposuction of the abdomen and other localized areas, combined with the fat transfer, will result in a curvaceous body.
Some of the results of the intervention will be immediately visible; however, the ultimate outcomes would gradually transpire over the next few weeks and months. Your body would vascularize the grafted fat, after which the fat would start behaving naturally like the fat in other areas of your body.
So, to sum it up, the fat transfer procedure is more effective than butt implant surgery in terms of shaping the buttocks. If you want to achieve shapelier buttocks, you should go for the fat transfer procedure. If you desire to get large buttocks, you should consider butt implant surgery.

In this video we discuss: Changing the shape of the butt with fat transfer. Next week, will discuss: 3 Things you need to know before butt augmentation. Remember to comment below, share this video, like this video, and subscribe to our channel for more information, here at the Bootyman channel, only on YouTube. Also log in to our website for more information about your procedure and to see amazing surgical results. If you have a question please post it below and we will be happy to answer it.







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