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Contraindications for liposuction

Even though liposuction has achieved an incredible amount of success all over the world, this procedure is not recommended to everyone. If you are thinking of undergoing the procedure, you might as well find out what are the contraindications for liposuction to let you know if you are an ideal candidate or not.

Before the intervention, the surgeon will find out if you have a realistic expectation. You must keep in mind that liposuction cannot help you get rid of your stretch marks or cellulite. This treatment cannot treat obesity or help you lose weight. If you’re thinking that you can get rid of the impressive amount of fat right after the intervention, then you will only get disappointed. Most of all, liposuction cannot completely change your body shape just like your sexy celebrity idols.

You must not think that liposuction is the perfect substitute for a healthy lifestyle. With its impressive success, people often see this procedure as a miracle. But it is not. Aside from these contraindications, you can’t still undergo surgery if you suffer from any medical condition that causes instability. Among these conditions are high blood pressure and diabetes.

Now, if you don’t have the mentioned expectations in your mind as well as the medical conditions, then the next thing to do is to consult a plastic surgeon to know how far liposuction can take you.

Your surgeon would even advise you to lose some weight and get close to the recommended normal weight before the surgery. After the surgery and you’ve been satisfied with the result, do not forget that if you don’t follow a balanced eating regimen combined with regular exercises, there’s a very high chance that fat can start to accumulate again. Worse, they can even form in areas not treated with liposuction before.









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