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Contraindications for the tummy tuck

To have a flat and firm tummy is not as simple as it sounds. Even if you have a very strict diet and engage yourself in exercise programs, getting your tummy as beautiful as before is just so hard to achieve especially if you have experienced multiple pregnancies. But in the world of cosmetic surgery, there is a particular procedure that can, if not completely, help you get closer to your goals. This is called Abdominoplasty or better known as tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck has the main objective of enhancing the abdominal area. It is not only performed to remove excess fats and excess skin but it also restructures and re-strengthens the muscles on the abdominal wall that may have been weakened after pregnancy. But just like any other kind of cosmetic surgeries available today, the tummy tuck is not recommended for everyone.

Here are some of the top reasons why:

If you are planning to undergo tummy tuck surgery and as well thinking of getting pregnant again after a year, you will be advised by your surgeon to wait until childbirth before you undergo this surgery. This is because there is a chance of experiencing muscle diastasis that can negatively affect the aesthetic result.

If you have plans of losing more weight after the procedure, then you would be advised to wait until you’ve gained the normal weight. The tummy tuck is intended to reduce the sagginess on the skin of the abdomen that is caused by a significant loss of weight. If you do it again after the surgery, then you will once again have a sagging skin.

If you strongly believe that tummy tuck can give you the perfect silhouette, then your unrealistic expectations disqualify you. Again, tummy tuck’s main objective is to give you a firmer abdomen, and potentially a Spongebob figure. If you really want an hourglass shape, then your surgeon will recommend you to undergo the hourglass tummy tuck using fat transfer to the hips and liposuction. A tummy tuck alone can’t help you achieve your desired results.

You will also be disqualified if you are not ready to have scars or you had undergone a surgical intervention just recently in the abdominal area. Those who can’t give up smoking even for a few weeks before and after the procedure cannot undergo the procedure as well.







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