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Correcting buttock asymmetric with fat transfer

Aside from having buttocks with small size, among the top insecurity of most women when it comes to their buttocks is the asymmetries. Buttock asymmetries are defined as the difference in shape, size, and orientation. While it is common to most, there are asymmetries that are too noticeable and need to be corrected with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures that are available today.

If you have buttock asymmetry and you want it so bad to be corrected, it’s good to know that Dr. Cortes can offer you a solution to your dilemma. It is called fat transfer to the buttock which he has developed and made special over the years.

The top reasons why a patient acquired buttock asymmetries are birth defects, accidents, aging, trauma or a poorly performed surgery. Fortunately, fat transfer to the buttocks proved to be an effective treatment and has a good success rate over the years.

But first, the surgeon needs to assess your aesthetic condition so a well-tailored technique can be planned. The fat transfer technique that will be used will depend on various factors such as the type and cause of butt asymmetry. It would also depend on how much amount of fat can be harvested from the donor areas of your bodies such as the abdomen, thighs, sides, flanks, and upper back. Only if you have enough fat will you qualify for the procedure.

Liposuction will have to be performed first in order to harvest the fat from the areas of your bodies with an excessive deposit of fat. The processed fat will then be injected to the part of the buttock with asymmetries using the special technique for fat grafting. The skills and the technique by the surgeon are critical to the success of the intervention. In some cases of asymmetrical butt creases, fat grafting can be an effective treatment.







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