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Correcting methods for asymmetric breast

If you will observe your breasts, you will notice that they are asymmetrical. You do not have to worry about this matter because it is normal. It is a common thing that one breast is bigger than the other. The asymmetries are more noticeable after pregnancy or other traumatic events that caused the breasts to change in size, volume, and shape. If the asymmetry of the breasts bothers you, know that it can be solved through surgical interventions.

The best time to consider plastic surgery is if you notice differences in the size and the volume of your breasts. Aside from this, you also have to consider surgical intervention if your breast ptosis is severe, if one of your breasts is sagging compared to the other one and lastly, if the nipple and areola complex is considerably asymmetrical in shape, size, and position. Unfortunately, not all asymmetries can be corrected with the help of plastic surgery intervention. Still, there are certain asymmetries that can be essentially corrected and improved.

The first method is through breast reduction surgery wherein the larger breast is reduced to a size closer to the other breast considered to have the more optimal size and shape. An implant can also be inserted in the smaller breast to bring it up to the size of the other breast. It would be better to have implants of different volumes in both breasts especially if the breasts are small.

Using fat transfer to the breasts can further correct this imperfection and give the breasts a nicer, more natural looking shape and feel. Asymmetries of the dimensions of the areolas can be easily corrected during a breast lift, augmentation or reduction procedure. Many patients are aware that their breasts will never be completely symmetrical so it is quite natural for them to wonder how beneficent a surgical procedure can be.













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