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Different types of buttock shapes

One factor that has a big contribution to the overall look of the body is the shape of the buttocks. This is one of the main reasons why some women undergo butt enhancement. Most women want to achieve an hourglass shape but the problem with some of them is that they want to attain their desired results even if these are not possible. If you are planning to undergo buttock enhancement, know that there are several factors to be considered. The results will not only depend on the surgeon, himself, but also to the anatomy of the patient. The manner on how you will take care of yourself after the surgery will also contribute to the overall results.

Before you undergo any type of procedure, you need to know what kind of buttock you have. You also have to let the surgeon examine your anatomy so that he can tell you what buttock shape will go well with your anatomy. Remember, when it comes to buttock augmentation, one of the essential things to get a good result is to determine prior to surgery what type of buttock shape you have. There are four different buttock shapes. Some women have the A-shaped buttock. It is believed that those women who have this shape can be considered lucky because the A-shaped buttock can give you the best results when you undergo buttock augmentation.

For those who have the V-shaped buttock, know that some surgeons find it difficult to transform it to other shapes since the width of the bone cannot be changed. On the other hand, other women have either the square or round shape. If you have V-shaped, square, or round buttocks, each will require different sets of surgical techniques to get a better outcome. There are areas of deficiency and zones that will require augmentation. Some areas will require removal by liposuction. Ultimately, the main goal is to recreate an overall hourglass shape or A-shaped buttocks.







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