Discussing the pros and cons of aesthetic surgery

Discussing the pros and cons of aesthetic surgery

25th Jul 2019

Discussing the pros and cons of aesthetic surgery



A procedure performed for cosmetic purposes is still surgery, so it is not completely risk-free. While the field of plastic surgery is well monitored and supervised in the United States, complications can occur after procedures and some patients can achieve unsatisfactory results. Before scheduling your plastic surgery, you should discuss with the plastic surgeon all the details about the procedure and weigh in the pros and cons carefully. Even if complications occur in rare cases, they are still possible and patients should be aware. 

Using plastic surgery to correct different imperfections of the body is more and more popular nowadays, and people resort to these procedures for different reasons. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of aesthetic surgery.


Correcting imperfections with plastic surgery

Patients interested in undergoing liposuction might have previously tried diets and exercise to get rid of localized fat deposits, and for a vast majority of them, these methods provided little to no results or the results were not sustainable. Liposuction is not a weight loss method and shouldn’t be used as such. It helps patients eliminate fat deposits from areas of the body difficult to get rid of, such as stubborn fat deposits that can accumulate in the flanks with the passing of time. Also, fat can start accumulating in areas such as the ankles, calves, and even the chin, and there is little the patient can do to get rid of these deposits. Liposuction was created exactly for this purpose, and it will deliver spectacular results each time it is performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon on a patient with a strong medical indication for liposuction and the ability to follow the post-operative rules that will help him sustain the results. 

Breasts or buttocks that are too small can also be corrected with the help of plastic surgery as no other methods can provide a durable augmentation. Breasts or buttocks that are too big can be fixed with liposuction or a breast reduction. Again, for these procedures there are no other alternatives and the results achieved with plastic surgery are impossible to achieve with anything else. Does this mean that plastic surgery is for everyone? No, not really. Being confronted with a physical imperfection or the desire to enhance the body by augmenting, reducing or lifting its features is not reason enough to undergo plastic surgery. Most patients need more than this to go forward with the procedure, and often we are talking about a daily discomfort associated with this aesthetic imperfection. In other words, most patients resort to plastic surgery to get rid of the emotional or physical discomfort associated with the imperfection in their appearance. 


Pros of undergoing plastic surgery

–    Getting rid of complexes

When it comes to smaller breasts, many women are confronted with this issue. Even starting from a young age, we tend to make our breasts look bigger, fuller and more appealing as we all associate beautiful breasts with femininity and sex appeal. Having underdeveloped breasts can lead to severe emotional complexes that can negatively affect the life of the patient. At the same time, plastic surgery can be used to get rid of complexes associated with overly large breasts too. Women who suffer due to the exaggerated size and volume of their breasts resort to plastic surgery to make their body more proportionate and also to get rid of the oversexualization and bullying that can be associated with having overly large breasts. 


–    Improved quality of life

Since we have already mentioned patients with overly large breasts, this is one case in which the procedure is performed not only to deliver an aesthetic improvement for the patient but also to increase functionality. Before undergoing breast reduction, women with overly large breasts find it difficult (if not impossible) to engage in many physical activities and struggle to perform even simple tasks as they are constantly pulled down by the volume of their breasts. The volume of the breasts also has a negative impact on the spine and can trigger an abnormal body position if the condition is not corrected early enough in the patient’s life. This is the reason why we consider that one of the pros of undergoing aesthetic surgery can be an improved quality of life. The same is valid for patients undergoing procedures such as the tummy tuck or arm lift. 


–    Younger appearance

It is certainly not easy to be a senior nowadays when we are all seduced by the miracle of youth. Nowadays employers want to hire people that are as young as possible and with as much experience as possible. Youth is associated with vitality, improved results, and productivity in the work field. But nowadays people spend longer and longer being active in the professional field. This is one of the reasons why some patients resort to plastic surgery to get a younger appearance that will allow them to remain competitive in the job market. At the same time, nowadays people start families late, and some might want to erase some of the signs of aging and look fresh and youthful for their new partners or children. Whatever the reasons might be, one of the pros of aesthetic surgery is that it can help the patient look younger not only due to the numerous procedures that can be performed on the face, but also procedures meant to eliminate the signs of aging from the body. 


–    A boost of self-confidence

New, larger breasts? A bigger, rounder booty? An hourglass shape? They all sound too good to be true sometimes. So, it is no wonder that patients experience a boost of self-confidence when they manage to achieve the physical appearance they have always dreamt of after undergoing plastic surgery. To make the most out of your plastic surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations and a stable emotional condition prior to undergoing surgery. 


Cons of undergoing plastic surgery

–    Risks associated with the procedure

Plastic surgery is not without risks as no procedure is. This means that whatever the procedure that you are interested in, it is associated with certain risks and potential complications. These risks can be increased in certain conditions such as when the patient is already suffering from different health conditions. Even something as simple as a cold can be a reason to postpone plastic surgery as complications could be triggered. The risks are also higher for patients who smoke, take certain medication, or have other contraindications to the procedure. You can find out all about the contraindications for different procedures during the consultation with the plastic surgeon. It is important to follow his instructions, and if he decides you are not a good candidate, it would be best to postpone it or forget about it completely. The plastic surgeon will assess your eligibility according to multiple factors.


–    Cost of the procedure

Plastic surgery is now more affordable and accessible than ever before. However, it is by no means cheap. The cost of plastic surgery includes the fees of the plastic surgeon and anesthetist but also the costs of hospitalization and the materials used (implants for example). Experience and high-quality materials will always be more expensive, so make sure you take this into consideration when assessing who is the right plastic surgeon to play out your procedure. The cost of the procedure can be high, but keep in mind that nowadays most plastic surgeons offer different payment methods, including loans.


–    Achieving unsatisfactory results

In case of surgery performed on an elective basis, there is always the risk of achieving unsatisfactory results. The patient can be dissatisfied with the results as they are different from his expectations or because they are botched. Extreme asymmetries and other imperfections are considered unsatisfactory results by industry standards and often require revision surgery. Make sure to choose a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure and to discuss your goals and expectations with him in detail to ensure you get satisfactory results. 



Before going forward with the plastic surgery procedure that you are interested in, it is important to discuss the details with the plastic surgeon. He will give you all the information you need to be able to weigh in the pros and cons of undergoing aesthetic surgery. Keep in mind that going forward with the procedure should be a personal decision as you will be the one facing the potential complications or long-term consequences and also the one benefiting from the results achieved with the procedure.


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