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The Duration of Liposuction Procedure

The usual liposuction duration relies on a number of factors just like any other cosmetic procedures. If you’re thinking of undergoing this surgery, there are a number of factors to consider. In most cases, it takes 20 minutes to three hours. However, that length varies from patient to patient as well as the attending surgeon.

Liposuction intervention performed by Dr. Cortes usually lasts for 2 hours to 3 hours. In this particular practice, the patient will be put under general anesthetic. There are different elements to be considered.  From the areas that need to be treated to the patient’s cooperation and discipline, Dr. Cortes doesn’t miss a detail. Over the years of practice, he had developed a lot of techniques that can help the patient achieve a more desirable outcome.

Dr. Cortes’ primary goal is to give patients a beautiful hourglass shape.  But the length of the procedure also relies on the goal of the patient. For example, when a patient wants chin liposuction, the procedure typically lasts for 10 to 15 minutes only. But in case a patient desires a beautifully sculpted body, performing liposuction on thighs and back will be necessary. This will significantly increase the amount of time that you will be under general anesthetic.

In order to achieve the best outcome possible for any kind of cosmetic surgery, the patient’s cooperation and discipline are of utmost importance. Dr. Cortes provides a set of instructions that vary from patient to patient and following them plays a major role in swift and safe recovery.

The patient’s discipline prior the surgery is also a factor that determines the total length of the intervention. If a patient listened to the advice of the surgeon before the day of the surgery, it can lessen the amount of time they need to be in surgical clinic or facility.







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