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Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Since cosmetic surgeries to the breasts have become popular, I have spent years of developing the techniques and discovering new ways on how to deliver a more satisfactory result for my patients. And when it comes to breast augmentation, there is no denying that a fat transfer has taken the plastic surgery field by storm.

In my practice, I use fat transfer to augment different areas of the body, including the hips in the hourglass hip procedure and the buttocks in the hourglass buttock augmentation procedure. However, some patients are requesting a fat transfer to the breasts.

Aside from the option of having breast implants, this is another procedure that can be performed to enhance your breasts. Fat is harvested from the abdomen, flanks, sides, back, or any area where you have excess fat through liposuction and then the processed fat is injected into the breasts.

You can use fat transfer for primary breast augmentation, meaning you have not had any other breast procedures and you just want to use fat instead of an implant for an augmentation. But I carefully assess my patients first and advise them that using butt implants would be better. I explain to my patients why I prefer using an implant rather than fat for this type of situation.

Over the years, I have found breast fat transfer to be very useful in revision breast surgery. A revision breast surgery is done because the breast volume has been altered significantly by the pressure of the implant on the breast itself.

Fat transfer is certainly something that I consider in my cosmetic practice. I do not recommend it for just breast augmentation, but as an add-on procedure to enhance your breasts in secondary breast surgeries. Anyway, it would still depend on your anatomical condition and aesthetic goals on what breast enhancement procedure would suit you better.







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