Fat transfer for a curvy figure

16th Nov 2018

Many women consult with me asking how to achieve the hourglass body. I have seen a spike in demand for the hourglass surgery over the last couple of years. The hourglass body is a popular figure that features wider hips and a smaller waist. It makes women look more feminine and fertile. I recommend the hourglass procedure, which involves fat transfer to the hips, for patients who have narrow hips and a large abdomen and desire to have wider hips and a smaller waist instead.
The fat transfer to the hips with the goal to deliver the hourglass figure is one of my signature procedures. I developed this to help patients who want to achieve a smaller hip-to-waist ratio. During the pre-operative consultation for the surgery, I will examine your hips and other body areas to determine your candidacy for the procedure. If I conclude that your hips are narrow and your goals are realistic, I will identify the fat donor sites in your body. The common fat donor sites for most patients include the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back.
The hourglass surgery involves the use of your body fat to widen your hips. It is for this reason why I make sure you have enough excess fat in your body that can be used to make your hips wider. I have two goals to achieve with the surgery: to make your waist smaller and widen your hips. In other words, the operation involves shifting the excess fat in your body from the specific fat donor sites to your hips.
Typically, I perform the surgery under general anesthesia. However, depending on your comfort and preference, I can also perform it under IV sedation with local anesthesia. After the anesthesia has been administered, I will make tiny incisions on the fat donor sites and then perform liposuction on the areas to remove the excess fat. As a result of the fat removal, your waist will become smaller.
In the second step, I will treat the collected fat in a centrifuge to remove the impurities and dead and damaged fat cells. I will make sure only the living and healthy fat cells are collected for grafting into your hips.
After the fat is processed, I will use a special needle to inject it into your hips. This step is called fat grafting and must be performed carefully. I will use my sense of aesthetics of the female body, experience, and artistry to sculpt your hips. After injecting the fat in your hips, your recovery will start. When the fat cells are vascularized, they will nurture and expand, which will make your hips wider.

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