Fat transfer to the hip

21st Nov 2018

The hourglass hip procedure is one of my signature procedures that I have developed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of women who desire to look more feminine but have narrow hips and a big waist. By using this surgery, I can widen your hips and make your waist smaller.
Many women who want to undergo this procedure ask me whether their hips will become narrow again after the surgery. The answer to this question depends on how well and carefully the fat has been removed, processed, and grafted into your hips. In my practice, I make sure that the steps of the procedure have been properly implemented, so that the risk of getting narrow hips again after the surgery is drastically cut down.
I perform the procedure in three critical steps. The first step involves liposuction on the fat donor areas to extract the excess fat. In the second step, I spin the fat in a centrifuge to purify the fat. And in the last step, I carefully inject the fat in the hips. When I perform the surgery, you can be rest assured that the risk of your hips becoming narrow will be considerably decreased.
Despite the fact that the procedure is performed carefully, the risk of your hips becoming narrow again cannot be entirely ruled out. Carelessness on your part may make your hips narrow after the surgery. To enjoy your hourglass figure on a permanent basis, you must maintain a stable weight.
Keep in mind that your body fat is injected into your hips. Once the fat is injected and vascularized, it will behave in the same way as the fat in any other area of your body. What this means is that if you experience significant weight loss after I inject the fat into your hips, the fat may shrink and liquefy. Your body will absorb the fat in such a condition. As a result, your hips may become narrow again.
My advice for all of my hourglass surgery patients is that you must keep your weight stable after the procedure. Doing so will help prolong the life of the achieved results. Also, be careful during the recovery period. If you end up applying pressure to the hips in the first few weeks following the surgery, the fat cells will die, which will result in narrow hips once more.

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