Should I get a liposuction or a tummy tuck?

Should I get a liposuction or a tummy tuck?

06th Nov 2018

A common problem area in the body is the midsection. Lots of people wish to have a flat stomach, but it can be very difficult to do so. Some people need surgical intervention in order to achieve the tummy that they want. There are different procedures that can be done in order improve the appearance of your tummy. You can get a liposuction or a tummy tuck procedure.

The procedure you are to go through will depend on the body you have. Liposuction is done to remove the fat, which look like bulges in the tummy area. This pocket of fat is sucked out of the body through the use of a tube called a cannula. The liposuction procedure is a less invasive procedure that only needs a small incision. This incision will provide an opening where the long cannula can be inserted.

The liposuction procedure is best for those who have good skin and muscle elasticity. With this, even if the fat that is removed, it wouldn’t cause loose skin or a sagging appearance in the tummy. The tissues and skin can still tighten after the procedure. Most of those who go through the liposuction procedure are those who just want to make themselves look good with the same clothes they used to wear. Liposuction doesn’t drastically change the dress size that a patient wears. The patient would just fit better with the clothes that they already wear, but they may also drop a size.

One thing to note about the liposuction procedure is that it doesn’t remove the excess skin in the tummy area. It also doesn’t get rid of the stretch marks or the loose appearance of the tummy due to the abdominal muscles. It can just alter the amount of fat in the abdominal area.

The tummy tuck surgery, on the other hand, is the procedure that should be chosen when a patient needs to deal with excess skin. If a patient has lost a significant amount of weight, there is a great chance there would also be lots of loose skin. The skin will be physically removed through the tummy tuck surgery.

In addition to dealing with the excess skin, the muscles in the abdominal area that split apart due to the sheer size of the stomach can also be repaired. The muscles can be sutured together to produce a tighter fit. The split muscles can also be present in women who got pregnant. Due to the growing uterus, the abdominal muscles can be negatively affected. Suturing it will make sure there is no pouch-like structure that appears on the tummy.

Although the tummy tuck surgery can remedy excess skin or split muscles, it is a more invasive procedure compared to liposuction. It involves creating an incision across the abdomen. Both procedures can help with achieving a flatter tummy, but they deal with different causes. If the problem in your tummy is due to fat, a liposuction procedure is best, but if it is due to excess skin or stretched muscles, then a tummy tuck would be best.

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