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0 Comment May 22, 2017

Hip fat transfer

Some patients undergo a surgical procedure without understanding the process itself. This should be avoided because there are instances in which patients get unsatisfied after the surgical operations have been performed. It is important that the patient know what will be done so that she can discuss her concerns with the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Just like any other operation, the hip area needs to be given careful attention especially in performing the tummy tuck. Statistically, 90% of women do not have hips, and the ones who do have some sort of indentation, or the blend between the hip and thigh is not proportionate. Oftentimes, many patients wonder why they still need fat transfer even if they already have hips. For starters, a wide hipbone does not necessarily equate to curves. You can be wide and not have shape.

Some are afraid of fat transfer because they believe that it will make them bigger. Understand that fat transfer makes your hips bigger but it also provides them with better shape. Some patients have indentations even though they have wide hips. Some patients think they have hips, but in essence, what they have is bulginess on the thigh that is often mistaken for a point of maximal projection. In most cases, 99% of patients will get fat in the hips, 70% will have the hip augmented, and 30% will just request to fix certain dimple indentations on the hip necessary to blend the waist and the hip to provide an hourglass shape. Know that hip sculpting is necessary in order to get a nice hourglass shape. For you to be satisfied with the results, you need to talk with your surgeon before you undergo any kind of surgical operation. Tell him your expectations and make sure that these are realistic. Your surgeon will explain to you if your expectations are possible to make or not.







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