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0 Comment February 14, 2015

Hourglass Tummy Tuck 2

The hourglass tummy tuck technique by Dr. Cortes entails a different approach to make your body lovelier and more aesthetically appealing than ever. If you had multiple pregnancies, there’s a high chance that your body has changed significantly. You might have fat in your upper and lower abdomen and even on your flanks. There would be excess skin as well. It is not surprising as pregnancy is known to have aesthetically unappealing changes in the body. It also causes a woman lost the proportions of the waist-to-hip ratio. Well, this is where the hourglass tummy tuck technique comes into the light.

The tummy tuck surgery is not enough to give you a sexy figure. This intervention will be performed in order to remove the excess fat and skin located below the belly button. Moreover, it targets to recreate the belly button and to restore the abdominal musculature to its previous form. Dr. Cortes also performs the liposuction technique on the flanks, sides, and abdomen. The processed fat will then be transferred to the patient’s hips to achieve the best surgical results.







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