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How breast surgery is performed

Breast augmentation surgery is just like any other cosmetic surgery except that it has a different goal when it comes to peculiarities and result. This surgical intervention has three major stages namely the preoperative stage, the actual operation, and the postoperative stage.

Let us break down what happens at each stage:

Preoperative Stage

This is where the surgeon formulates the operative plan. From the psychological, emotional and health preparation of the patients, everything must be thoroughly assessed. This is where the surgeon and the patient discuss the conditions, preferences, and expectations. Also, this is a very important part of the surgery as this is where the patient must know what are the limitations, advantages, and disadvantages that the surgery entails.

Actual Operation

The actual operation often requires a general aesthetic. The effect can last between 1-4 hours depending on the technique that will be used and its complexity. If complications occur during the intervention, it might take longer than the usual. However, there are minor surgeries that can be performed using only local anesthesia. We’re talking about performing corrections for small imperfections in the nipples or the areola. Most of the time, the patient is permitted to go home a few hours after the surgery.

Postoperative Stage

Provided that the patient has a strict discipline in following the postoperative advice of the surgeon, the patient can return to work after a week. Also, they will be required to wear dressing or a compression garment. This helps a lot in minimizing the swelling and in supporting the new breasts.

Just keep in mind that if your job requires a lot of physical effort, you must tell it to your surgeon in order for you to know how many days you need to recover. Proper post-operative care can ensure a speedy and smooth recovery.







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