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How fat is injected into the buttocks for a Brazilian butt lift procedure

Many women wish to have an hourglass shape. They can do anything just to achieve it even if it requires them to go through different surgical procedures. One of the things seen to have a big contribution in the overall look of the body is the size of the buttocks. As a result, women consider butt augmentation to improve the shape of their buttocks. Before you plan to undergo the said surgical operation, you have to know that there are different shapes of buttocks and it is recommended for you to identify first what type of buttock you have. You also need to be aware of how the procedure will be performed. Knowing how the surgical operation is done will help any patient to lessen their anxiety prior to surgery.

In the Brazilian butt augmentation, or the hourglass butt augmentation, the fat is removed from multiple areas. This fat is processed and then injected into the buttocks in multiple passes to achieve a good result. How does a surgeon perform this procedure? Once the fat is processed, it is placed in syringes and then injected using a 3 mm cannula through small incisions. Multiple incisions are performed because the surgeon needs to reach different areas on each buttock for a good result. Normally, two incisions are required on the top of the buttock and one on the bottom part of the buttock in order to insert the cannula in different vectors and sculpt your buttock until the desirable shape is achieved. It is ideal to have a little tip at the end so that when the fat is injected it will create a nice figure and last for a long-term result. Knowing the procedure is essential to avoid yourself from panicking. Know that every surgeon’s goal is to help their patients achieve their desired body shape.







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