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How long do I need to wear a post-op bra?

Whenever I perform breast augmentation, I make it sure that my patients will follow the postoperative measures that I recommend in order to achieve the best result possible. Not only do I advise them for my own satisfaction but as well as for their safety above everything else.

After the breast enhancement intervention, among the top recommendations that I tell to my patients is to wear post-operative bras. If you have done your research when it comes to breast augmentation, I’m sure you have read the importance of wearing this garment. Postoperative bras provide the support that the newly enhanced breasts need.


I make it to a point that my patients understand that it is a protocol to use a support bra first. It is essentially a sports bra that is commonly used for exercise. Among the things that make sports bra the perfect support bra to wear is that they do not have wires that can cause irritation and discomfort. Wires present in common types of bras can rub against the incision itself.

Moreover, I usually advise my patients to wear support bra after the surgery for about a month. However, patients can switch to a wired bra once the incision has healed. I often encounter patients who think that the surgical intervention is an anti-bra procedure. But if you do not wear the support bra after the surgery, this can lead to your breasts sagging because it became heavier and bigger. Even though there are no prospective studies that scientifically proves that using a bra is better versus not wearing one, I have seen the results from my patients.

Therefore, my recommendation is for you to use a sports bra the first month, and subsequently, you can go back to your wired bra. But keep in mind that using a bra forever after surgery is not recommended because this can impact your breast shape negatively in the long run.







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