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How long will the results of buttock augmentation with implants last?

Buttock augmentation with implants is now being popular in the United States. This is simply because more and more women want to improve their buttocks especially if they have small and flat buttocks. Since having bigger buttocks is an important basis in the modern beauty, women are getting hooked with buttock enhancements procedures such as buttock implants.

The said intervention involves the use of semi-solid silicone devices which make the buttocks appear fuller and shapelier. The implants are inserted into the buttocks through small incisions. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Many patients are satisfied with the results that buttock augmentation gives. With the help of this intervention, you can get voluminous butts that would last for as long as there are no complications. The buttock implants are highly durable and permanent yet changes regarding the results can be seen over time. How long-lasting the results will be will depend on how the patients will take care of their body after the surgery has been performed. The permanence of buttock implant implies that the results of the procedure will also be permanent; however, there are a number of factors that might affect the aesthetic improvements achieved with butt implants.

Certain factors like aging, gravity, massive weight fluctuation, and the like can affect the results achieved with the buttock implants. Aside from these factors, the results of the surgery also depend on the expertise of the surgeon. If the butt implant surgery is performed by an unskilled surgeon or unlicensed practitioner, then there is a great chance that the results will not last and complications might occur as well. You have to know that if the implant size is bigger than the patient’s buttock dimensions, its lifespan will substantially decrease. Very large butt implants become thinner over time. Aging also has a similar effect on the butt implants.







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