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How many hourglass procedures can I have in one sitting?

The most frequently asked question by patients who want to get a waist wasp body through surgical procedures is, “How many hourglass procedures can I have in one sitting?” Before you get the answer, you must understand first what hourglass procedures are. The said procedures are major operations. These include the hourglass butt augmentation, hourglass liposuction, hourglass breast augmentation, or hourglass tummy tuck. It is important that your surgeon will assess your health by examining your body to determine if you are a candidate for the said procedure.

For you to determine if your body is an hourglass, you need to have these features: smaller waist, wider hips, and fuller buttocks. If you are asking how many hourglass procedures can you have in one sitting, the answer is simple, it depends on your aesthetic needs. You may qualify for a combination of the:

  1. Hourglass butt augmentation and hourglass hips
  2. Hourglass liposuction and hourglass hips
  3. Hourglass tummy tuck and hourglass liposuction

Two hourglass procedures cannot be performed at once. The main reason for this is because one or two hourglass procedures are enough to achieve the hourglass body for most patients. Another reason is that undergoing more than two procedures at once means greater risks. The patient might suffer different side effects if a third procedure is added. Moreover, when you undergo more than two procedures in one session, the tendency is for you to suffer from discomfort during the recovery period.

In this case, you will be required to avoid resting or sleeping on your back and front because the surgical wounds will be damaged, thus, creating health and aesthetic problems for you. If you want to have a comfortable, smooth and quick recovery, make sure that you will avoid more than two procedures at once.







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