How soon after breast reduction can I run?

How soon after breast reduction can I run?

23rd Feb 2021

Breast reduction surgery is dedicated for women with an excessive development of the mammary gland. The causes of breast hypertrophy can be multiple and diverse; however, the effect that overly large breasts can have on a woman’s life can be quite serious. There are young girls who avoid any type of physical exercise as the volume of their breasts makes movement difficult, and they also fear their colleagues will make fun of them. When breast hypertrophy occurs in teenage years, girls can become very self-aware and are subject to bullying or even oversexualization as they look much older than their age because of the excessive size of their breasts.

The excessive size of the breasts can also affect the posture of the body, leading to permanent damage on the spine if not corrected early in life. This is the reason why breast reduction surgery is performed on patients of different ages.

There are many issues associated with breast reduction surgery that must be discussed in detail with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Among them, patients want to know when they can start physical exercise after the procedure. Many patients ask how soon after breast reduction they can run. Running and jogging are very popular nowadays for people who want to keep fit and in shape. However, these two activities are almost impossible to perform and associated with a great level of discomfort for women with overly large breasts.

All of us have seen at least a video if not a life representation of a woman jogging or running while holding her breasts in her hands. This is something that all women with big breasts can relate to. Even wearing a bra or a sports bra might not be enough to keep the breasts in place and give them enough support while running if the breasts have an excessive volume. This means that without the right level of support and compression, they will jiggle up and down with all the movements of the upper part of the body. This can result in difficulties in breathing as well as pain while running. Most women with overly large breasts will avoid this activity as much as possible, but many want to start running or jogging after undergoing breast reduction. Due to the difficulty in performing physical exercises when having overly large breasts, some women confronted with this issue tend to start accumulating fat in different areas of the body as a result of sedentary life.

Running and jogging after breast reduction are good options to help you get fit and active again. Most patients are recommended to avoid these activities for a minimum of six to eight weeks post-op, but it depends on the complexity of the procedure and the healing process of each patient. Make sure to check with your surgeon when you can start running again.

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