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How the fat is processed before injecting into the buttocks during a Brazilian butt lift

Most women who are planning to undergo a Brazilian butt lift ask a common question. They are curious about how is the fat processed before injecting it into the buttocks during the Brazilian butt lift. If you are one of those women who are eager to understand things prior to surgery, then you are doing the right thing because learning what the procedure is about and how is it done will help you understand the limitations of the procedure. In this way, you will avoid yourself from creating unrealistic expectations.

The fat is removed through liposuction when the Brazilian buttock augmentation is performed. The removed fat is needed to be collected in sterile canisters prior to injection. Some surgeons will irrigate the fat while others will use a centrifuge. The bottom line is that the less you do to the fat, the better the outcome will be. Whenever the procedure is performed, the fat is then collected in the sterile canisters. It is first decanted; in other words, most of the fluid will settle at the bottom of the canister, and this fluid can be removed by opening a valve in the canister.

After decanting, you still have about 40-50% of fluid mixed with the fat, and this is not good. If the fat is injected thinking that most of the fluid is gone, your results will be decreased significantly in the first two to three weeks as the body reabsorbs the fluid and the swelling goes down. The best way to resolve this issue is to use a strainer. This strainer is covered with a specialized membrane that allows the fluid to be removed while the fat stays on the top. As a patient, it is your responsibility to know the procedure because it will help in clearing out your misconceptions regarding any kind of procedure.







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