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How to sit after a buttock augmentation

As discussed before, postoperative care plays a vital role in achieving the best results after a surgical operation has been done. You already know that sitting for about two weeks after a Brazilian buttock augmentation is prohibited. It is vital to understand how to sit after the procedure but the question is, “How can you sit after the surgery?” It takes about two weeks for the body to actually take the fat that is transferred and provide a network of blood vessels to support the fat that is grafted. Any major stress to the fat will cause the fat to die. For this reason after the buttock augmentation surgery, you cannot sit for about two weeks. Whether you like it or not, you have to accept this fact.

After two weeks, you can sit but with a cushion. There have been multiple suggestions online on what is the best pillow to use to prevent the fat from dying and protect the buttock during a recovery. Some surgeons recommend using a Boppy pillow. However, the Boppy pillow is actually one of the worst ideas ever. The best way to avoid pressure on the buttock is to use a foam roll. When you sit, it is just not going to give due to the weight of the body. This pillow needs to be placed under the thighs, not under the buttock. The surgical site will be protected from causing pressure necrosis of the fat. Using the pillow is the most important thing after a buttock augmentation procedure. You have to remember that you have to be extra careful after a Brazilian buttock augmentation. Even if you are allowed to sit after two weeks, you have to choose the best type of pillow to avoid the fat from dying. It will also keep you away from having complications.







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