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How your abdomen will look after fat harvesting for a Brazilian butt lift

Some women undergo different surgical procedures without having a full understanding regarding how the surgery is done. This should be avoided because it can cause problems like creating unrealistic expectations which will result in unsatisfied customers. Patients going through any surgical operation without knowing the procedure, itself, easily get confused with the operation, causing them to expect the wrong results. An example of this is the Brazilian butt lift.

If you are planning to go through Brazilian buttock augmentation, you have to remember that the first thing you need to realize about the Brazilian buttock augmentation is that this is a buttock enhancement procedure. Meaning, it is not a belly procedure, a back procedure, or a thigh procedure. Patients get confused and believe that when they undergo this procedure, all of a sudden, every single area of the body is going to be enhanced and no additional surgery is going to be required. The main goal of the Brazilian buttock augmentation is to give you an hourglass shape and enhanced buttocks. Many patients who have this procedure—as a matter of fact, most patients—have gained weight, have lax skin, have had babies, etc. You have to be realistic about what the procedure can do for you. The liposuction cannula does not suck the skin out. So, what happens after the procedure is that the skin is going to stay and look lumpy, bumpy, and uneven, and you will require a tummy tuck six months after the first Brazilian buttock augmentation.

You have to accept the fact that to achieve an hourglass shape, you need to consider combined procedures. One procedure can only enhance one part of your body but it cannot bring you your desired body shape. You can ask your surgeons what are the procedures needed to achieve a waist wasp body.













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