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0 Comment February 16, 2017

Implant buttock

If you want to enhance your buttock and want to make it shapelier, it is not surprising that you consider undergoing cosmetic surgery intervention. However, upon assessment and the surgeon have found out that you are not an ideal candidate for fat transfer, your surgeon might recommend augmenting your buttock using implants.

However, most patients express concern regarding the safety of having buttock implants. They thought that buttock implants are widely associated with lots of risks and complications. What we want the patients to know is that buttock implants are just as safe as breast implants especially when they are made in the United States. Based on our practice, they have shown less risk of capsular contracture, deflation, etc. due to their solid silicone material, unlike the gel material of breast implants.

But before you proceed with the intervention, you must be realistic about what buttock implants can give you. The projection it can give you is only a small portion of the procedure. In essence, an implant is insufficient to provide proper shape on its own as it only provides a projection. For this particular reason, implants are generally not performed without using fat as it is needed to provide a better shape. You must explain your goals to your surgeon to see how your aesthetic problems can be solved in the safest manner possible.







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