Is butt surgery with implants safe

Is butt surgery with implants safe

29th May 2017

The butt implant surgery is a major kind of surgery and going through it involves the use of anesthesia. There are surgeons who prefer to use general anesthesia while there are also those who make use of a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. Either way, surgeons make use of anesthesia to make it more comfortable for the patient during the surgery.

The surgery involves making an incision on the buttocks and creating pockets for the implants. The pain is not felt during the surgery due to the use of anesthesia, but the trauma remains even after the surgery. After the surgery, the wound made is not yet fully healed and is still in the process of healing. It is not only the skin that has received the trauma but also the underlying tissues and muscles. Sometimes, the wound may seem to be completely healed outside even when it is still in the process of fully healing inside.

The effects of the anesthesia could still extend after the surgery. Although some of it is still in your system and is still effective, the effects will eventually disappear. Here is the time you start to feel the pain brought about by the surgery. There is discomfort especially in finding a position to sit or lie down. In fact, it is not advisable for patients to sit on their buttocks or put pressure to it after the surgery. Patients will be advised to lie face down to ensure their butt heals from the procedure.

The pain felt by patients who went through the butt implant surgery can be remedied through pain relievers the surgeons will prescribe. Feeling pain in the buttocks is natural after the procedure, and that is why surgeons will ask patients to buy their prescribed pain relievers the day before or the day of the surgery. This is to make sure they have their supply ready so that they can recover more comfortably from the surgery. Taking in prescribed pain relievers is better than skipping them because the body heals better when you feel more comfortable. The pain felt will gradually subside as the body heals from the surgery.

Related to the pain felt after the surgery is the discomfort that you feel. Some say their buttocks feel real tight. This is especially true when they have very large implants on their butt cheeks. The tightness is due to the pressure of the butt implants on the surrounding tissue. If the butt implants are located under a layer of muscle, patients are likely to feel more tightness. This is because the muscles are still stretching and they don’t easily stretch, unlike the skin.

The pain goes with any surgery and surgeons know this, which is why they prescribe medication to counter the pain. It is the patient’s responsibility to drink the medication just as prescribed. Patients should learn how to properly take care of their body after the procedure so they can minimize the pain they feel while enabling their body to heal efficiently.

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