Is it possible to remove the injectable buttock enhancement substances?

Is it possible to remove the injectable buttock enhancement substances?

30th Mar 2018

More and more modern women have begun using plastic surgery to add projection, volume, and shape to the buttocks. However, since the cost of an authentic buttock enhancement procedure amounts to several thousand dollars, many women settle for inexpensive, forbidden and extremely risky black market methods to achieve their aesthetic goals.

The use of illegal injectable substances for butt augmentation is one of the most life-threatening procedures. Hundreds of cases have already been reported whereby these injectable buttock enhancement substances have either led to the death of the patients, or have resulted in permanent disabilities. Over the years, many women have landed in the intensive care units of hospitals after suffering from tissue hardening, infections, respiratory problems, cardiac arrests and blood clotting from the use of these illegal injectable substances.

These injectable substances are life threatening. It is not FDA approved for a reason and most of these procedures are carried out by fake doctors or unlicensed practitioners. These practitioners inject the patients with either industrial grade silicone or tire sealant, unhygienic mineral oil and even cement. It is worth noting here that when a medical grade silicone is injected into the body, it triggers a host of health complications because the substance spreads across the body, entering the blood vessels, lungs, heart and brain.

Despite all these dire warnings, there are still many who go through with this dangerous procedure. Consequently, there is one question most commonly asked by people who have their buttocks injected by these life-threatening substances: “Is it possible to remove the injectable buttock enhancement substances?”

Can Injectable butt augmentation substances be removed?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. There are only a few plastic surgeons in the United States who accept patients for the removal of injectable butt augmentation substances. The majority of surgeons who reject these patients are either inexperienced with the procedure, or they simply don’t want to accept a patient with complications arising from a procedure carried out by another practitioner. This is because treating such patients involves a high degree of risk.

When the illegal substances are injected into the tissue, any attempts to remove it can trigger excessive scarring. The removal of such substances is done only by a few surgeons in cases where infection or seroma has occurred, and where the patient is experiencing extreme pain and discomfort. Despite that, it is important to bear in mind that excision of the injected substances has the tendency to trigger more complications.

Patients who have their buttocks injected by enhancement substances must also remember that operating on the substance granuloma is a risky and challenging task. After the buttock gets injected with the substance, it spreads to other parts of the body. On the other hand, if the substance is diagnosed to be limited to a localized area, its surgical removal may be possible. Unfortunately, in majority of cases, the removal of the substance is not possible because its injection in different areas of the butt makes it hard to measure the granulomatous response.

This means that there are a number of factors that would determine your candidacy for removal of injectable buttock enhancement substances. These include the following:

  1. The extent of swelling triggered by the substance, which is distorting your buttocks and creating discomfort
  2. The amount and type of injectable buttock enhancement substances used
  3. The number of local areas that were injected
  4. How hygienic or unhygienic was the injectable substance
  5. The specific complications the patient is experiencing after getting the injections

The problem is that once the illegal substances have been injected into your butt, you have very limited options to get rid of the substances. You would first need to wait and see how your body responds against the substances. More often than not, surgical interventions like the reconstruction of the target area are needed.

Many surgeons simply refuse to treat patients who are unhappy with the aesthetic results of their butt after getting illegal injections. They argue that the patient should have justifiable and sound reasons to get the substance removed. The injectable substances are highly unpredictable; they can be anywhere – in the muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and tissue or fat. Even a highly skilled surgeon will find it difficult to remove the substances.

Some doctors use medications like steroids to treat the discomforts and inflammation, but unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution. The problems will merely resume when the steroid’s dose is changed or when the patient stops taking the steroid. Furthermore, there is a whole set of other complications related to the use of steroids.

Safe buttock augmentation

Using injectable buttock enhancement substances to get the derrière of your dreams is extremely risky and in some instances, lethal. Removing such substances from the body is even riskier and more expensive than getting an authentic and safe buttock enhancement procedure in the first place. It is, therefore, wise to steer clear of injectable buttock augmentation substances.

Instead, you should go for a safe buttock enhancement procedure offered by Board-Certified plastic surgeons. A safe, tested, proven and real buttock augmentation is performed either through the placement of implants inside of the butt or through fat grafting. Both of these options are major operations, conducted under general anesthesia in a fully equipped surgical facility, but the important thing is that they are safe solutions.


Buttock augmentation is a very popular plastic surgical procedure among women who aim to enhance their buttocks. Since the procedure is expensive, many women decide to get their derrières injected with buttock enhancement substances in order to achieve their aesthetic goals. The bad news is that these injectable substances are illegal and life-threatening, often landing the patients in hospitals.

Even worse, very few surgeons agree to treat patients who have their buttocks injected with enhancement substances. Removing these substances from the body is challenging and very risky because once injected, they are not only limited to one specific area, but also travel to different parts of the body.

Injectable substances lead to life-threatening complications, permanent disability and even death. For this reason, patients are strongly advised against getting their buttocks injected by these illegal substances. The responsible and safe thing to do is to consult a Board-Certified plastic surgeon and discuss options to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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