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Limitations of buttock implants

If you are planning to undergo buttock implants, you have to know that it has limitations just like any procedure. Understanding this fact is essential for you to not expect too much. The reason why it is important to have a discussion first between the patient and the surgeon prior to surgery is that it will condition the patient. It will help in lessening the fright that the patient might feel especially if it is her first time. Having buttock implants is safe. Just remember that it is important to follow everything that your surgeon will tell you because the instructions will help you to obtain better results and achieve a faster recovery.

If you are not a candidate for fat transfer, worry not because you can be a candidate for a buttock augmentation with an implant. When it comes to buttock augmentation, patients must understand that projection is just a small part of the procedure. Buttock implants are usually round, but if you look at the anatomy and the aesthetics, the buttock has areas that are shaped differently to create a nice shape. This shape blends with the lateral part of your buttocks which can provide you an A-shape or an hourglass shape, but the fat distribution of the buttock varies according to the patient. Implants are generally not performed without using fat as it is needed to provide a better shape. Patients must recognize the limitations of buttock implants and be aware that augmentation is also needed in order to get the results they seek. If you are still in doubt whether to take buttock implants or not, you can tell it to your surgeon about it. Know that not all people are a candidate for the procedure. There are certain requirements needed for you to be a candidate in the said procedure.







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