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Liposuction and dog ear revision

Before you undergo a cosmetic surgery intervention, we always advise you to get a Board certified plastic surgeon in order to ensure that you get the least possibility of a poorly executed surgery. If you’re among the patients who have undergone a tummy tuck procedure and got a dog ear, in the end, it is a sign that the procedure is not as successful as expected.

Physical examination is very important because this is where the surgeon determines how much excess skin needs to be removed. It depends on the on the location of the excess skin on how long your tummy tuck scar will be. You have the high possibility to have dog ears if the surgeon tries to minimize the length of the scar. If you have excess skin on the sides and the surgeon failed to cut enough on the sides, your skin is going to bunch. It creates what is called a dog ear. This is a puckering on the ends of the incision of the tummy tuck.

To correct the dog ears, we need to extend the tummy tuck scar to the sides until the excess skin is completely removed. This is where the liposuction intervention is needed. Liposuction must be performed first on the abdomen, flanks, and back before cutting the excess skin. Fat transfer will then be needed to correct the dog ears.

You have to be realistic about how a tummy tuck can fix your excessive skin; depending on how much you have and the location of the skin, trying to cut corners to minimize scar length is a bad idea. Ultimately, the excess skin can only be removed by excising it. If you do not follow this recommendation, you will have dog ears and you are not going to be a satisfied patient.







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