Liposuction Houston

17th Feb 2016

Liposuction Houston

Hourglass liposuction is an effective and popular plastic surgery procedure to achieve the most coveted female body shape called the hourglass body. Since the hourglass body features a smaller waist and wider hips, the hourglass liposuction is designed to achieve that goal. After the procedure, your body will become curvaceous, which is a distinctive feature in the hourglass figure.


Hourglass liposuction is a signature procedure of Dr. Cortes—a renowned plastic surgeon more popularly known as Dr. Hourglass. This article provides a detailed description of hourglass liposuction, such as the difference between the hourglass and standard liposuction, candidacy for the procedure, the consultation session, the associated risks, where the surgery will be performed, the surgery itself, and the recovery.

Difference between hourglass liposuction and standard liposuction

While the surgical steps may overlap, there is a huge difference between hourglass liposuction and standard liposuction. First, the goal of hourglass liposuction is to deliver the hourglass body, whereas traditional liposuction simply removes stubborn fat pockets from localized areas of the body.

Unlike the traditional procedure that simply focuses on a particular area of the body, the hourglass liposuction defines your waist area. The surgery aims to create a smaller waist-to-hip ratio. In simple words, the hourglass liposuction makes your waist slimmer and contours the surrounding area, so your hips look wider from both the front and back views.

Traditional liposuction is used to remove excess fat from limited areas of the body. It does not always involve contouring the body areas to make your waist appear slimmer. It can be performed on areas like the thighs, back, arms, face, chest, and abdomen. On the other hand, hourglass liposuction is concentrated on the abdomen, sides, and flanks.

The most important thing is that traditional liposuction can be performed by any plastic surgeon, whereas the hourglass procedure calls for sophisticated techniques and surgical skills, and a great sense of aesthetics and artistry, which not all surgeons possess. The plastic surgeon must have a deep understanding of the hourglass body and female aesthetics. You can use the hourglass liposuction as a stand-alone procedure or in association with other hourglass surgeries like hourglass butt augmentation and fat transfer.

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Best candidates for the hourglass liposuction

The ideal candidates for the hourglass liposuction have excess fat in the lower back and abdominal region, with a body mass index below 30. It is important for patients to understand that they need to have good-quality skin to qualify for the hourglass procedure. If your skin has lost elasticity and is loose, it will become worse after liposuction Houston.

You must be in your best physical and mental health to be considered for hourglass liposuction. If you have health complications like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, or blood disorders, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon during the initial consultation.

Also, you must have realistic goals and expectations to be considered a good candidate for the procedure. You should not expect the surgery to magically change or transform you into a celebrity or someone you are inspired by. If you are a smoker, you will be required to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and remain a non-smoker for at least one month after the surgery.

Your consultation

During the consultation with Dr. Cortes, your candidacy for the hourglass procedure will be assessed. The surgeon will examine your abdomen, sides, and flanks to identify the areas that have excess fat and need contouring. Your skin quality will also be assessed.

Also, the surgeon will assess your overall health and ask you questions about your past or existing health issues, surgeries, and medications. Also, you will be asked whether you are allergic to medications like anesthesia. Moreover, you need to make sure to communicate your aesthetic goals and expectations to the doctor upfront. The doctor will then analyze your goals against the aesthetic flaws and the associated risks to determine your candidacy for the procedure.

Surgical risks

While hourglass liposuction Houston entails relatively lower risks, it is not completely risk-free. Any procedure that involves incisions comes with certain risks, and liposuction is no exception. Even if your plastic surgeon is highly experienced, some risks will still be there. The common risks associated with hourglass liposuction include:

• Excessive bleeding

• Poor wound healing

• Blood clotting

• Seroma and hematoma

• Skin discoloration

• Change in skin sensation

• Unwelcoming scars

During the initial consultation, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits of the hourglass liposuction with you, so you can do a risk/benefit analysis and decide whether to go under the knife. Remember, you should go for the procedure only if the benefits are greater than the risks.

Where your surgery will be performed and the type of anesthesia

Dr. Cortes performs hourglass liposuction at the Houston Northwest Medical Center, which is a fully equipped and accredited surgical facility. The hourglass liposuction is an outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll be able to go home a few hours after the surgery if your health remains stable. However, if your health is not stable, you may be required to spend more time in the facility.

Hourglass liposuction is performed under general anesthesia because unlike the traditional method, it does not simply involve fat removal. It also includes body contouring and the use of specialized surgical techniques that may make the procedure uncomfortable for patients under local anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia. An assistant certified nurse anesthetist will assist him.

The surgery

After administering anesthesia, Dr. Cortes will start the surgery by introducing a tumescent solution to the surgical site. The solution will not only decrease the associated pain but also decrease the bleeding. Next, incisions will be placed on the target areas, and a tiny hollow tube called a cannula will be entered inside each target area through the incision.

Power-assisted liposuction will then be performed at low pressure on the areas, including the waist, lower back, and flanks. During the procedure, Dr. Cortes will carefully contour the target areas so they are made slimmer, aesthetically appealing, and toned.

If you are undergoing a combo of liposuction and fat transfer, the removed fat will be purified and injected into specific areas of your butt and hips so the hourglass shape is achieved. In most cases, hourglass liposuction alone is enough to deliver you the hourglass body. After contouring each target area, the incisions will be closed and sutured.

What to expect after surgery

After the procedure, you will be left in a recovery room where you will awake from the effects of the anesthesia. Your health will be monitored for a few hours. If your health remains stable and you have no extra procedures lined up, you may go home. Your follow-up with Dr. Cortes will be after 4-5 days.

You should have someone to drive you home from the surgical facility and stay with you for the first 12 hours. The recovery period will range from 7-12 days. During this time, you’ll be required to take plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities. If your doctor has prescribed medications like antibiotics and pain relief medicines, be sure to take them on time and according to the instructions. You will be encouraged to take short and slow walks right after the surgery because it helps decrease blood clotting, which your body is vulnerable to after the intervention.

Getting back to normal

Each person heals and recovers differently after the hourglass liposuction. However, it typically takes most patients 7-14 days to be able to resume work. After the procedure, your body will be swollen and bruised. You should take enough rest and let your body heal and recuperate from the surgical trauma. If the liposuction is extensive, you could expect the downtime to be longer. Make sure to avoid physically demanding activities like stretching, bending, exercising, running, jumping, and weight lifting for at least 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

The results of the hourglass liposuction will not be immediately visible, though you may see the initial improvements. It will take time for the final outcome to show. Your new body will gradually evolve over the next few months as the swelling subsides and your body heals. Make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions for the recovery period and afterward.

The new you

Hourglass liposuction in Houston is an effective intervention that makes the waist slimmer and the hips appear wider. As a result, your body appears aesthetically appealing, curvaceous, and sexy. However, the aesthetic results of this intervention will gradually appear over one year after the procedure. Once the results show, you will experience a boost in your self-esteem because of the aesthetic improvements. You can undergo the hourglass liposuction in Houston alone or combine it with other procedures to further enhance your body aesthetics.

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