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Liposuction Is Not A Weigh Loss

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure though some people consider it as one way to stop gaining weight. Some people prefer the natural weight to reduce weight like exercising daily but it is truly undeniable that weight loss is hard to achieve. For those who want to achieve faster results, they try alternatives such as taking pills or applying creams to their specific body parts. Some people who want to lose weight consider the liposuction procedure. Though it can remove fat cells out of some body parts, it is not recommended for you to undergo this procedure especially if you are targeting weight reduction. What most surgeons recommend is for you to do the natural ways. Though it takes time for you to see the results, you are guaranteed that the effects are going to be worth it.

Maybe you will ask, when should you consider a liposuction? Undergo this procedure if you want to improve your appearance and if you want to shed off fat in some of your body parts to maintain a steady weight. Be reminded that liposuction can provide you with the results that you want but know that just like in other surgical operations, the results are not permanent. In liposuction, you have to consider your skin elasticity because it affects the results. Aside from the misconception that the said procedure can be used for weight reduction, you also have to avoid yourself from believing that it is a cure for obesity.

If you are interested with liposuction, inform yourself with the procedure’s success indicators. One of the few things that can help you determine if the surgical operation is a successful one is if the patient loses pounds equivalent to the weight of the removed fat. The removed fats will not return to the treated areas. It will only develop in the treated areas if the patient puts on significant weight.

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Dr. Cortes has developed multiple procedures to provide his patients with an hourglass shape, including the hourglass tummy tuck, the hourglass lipo, the hourglass mommy makeover, and the hourglass hip procedure. He specializes and is an expert in cosmetic revisions. Dr. Cortes also has developed breast techniques including the wonder breast lift and the wonder breast reduction. Due to his keen eye and attention to detail, Dr. Cortes routinely sees patients from all over the world who come to be evaluated for impressive results.
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