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Liposuction of the arms

Liposuction is one of the most performed surgical operations regarding beautification. It enhances the appearance of the areas that have undergone the said procedure. Liposuction is performed in many different areas of the body including the arms. Most often, when surgeons perform liposuction, they do this procedure on the back of the arms. In the diagram of the arm, what is considered the anterior arm (where the biceps are) is an area that typically does not accumulate a lot of fat and most plastic surgeons will not do liposuction in this area.

In this way, liposuction is performed on the back of the arm since this is the area where the fat is mainly accumulated after gaining weight. The same principles of liposuction apply to the arms where tumescent anesthesia is injected and then liposuction is performed until the contour is satisfactory. Take note that attention should be paid mainly to the area that is closer to the armpit. If you are asking why, the reason is that some patients develop an excess skin. As a result, surgeons recommend that a Brachioplasty combined with liposuction should be performed. Be mindful that the procedure where liposuction can be done also has limitations. There is a need to remove the excess skin after liposuction is performed.

If you are planning to undergo liposuction, you need to understand the concept for you to have a better result. If you see better results, then surgeons will be assured that their patients are satisfied with the procedure. However, patients also have a responsibility and that is to follow the surgeon’s guidelines before and after the surgical procedure is done. This is to ensure that the procedure is safe and to get the results even better. As a patient, make sure that you create realistic expectations for you to avoid being unsatisfied.







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