Liposuction Surgery

07th Nov 2016

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed procedures in cosmetic surgery, and contour irregularities are not as uncommon as you might think. Liposuction, in essence, sucks fat in areas that have excessive skin, but depending on the patient and the level of your skin, amount of skin, and elasticity, it will be the reason of you developing some sort of contour irregularities. The best patients for liposuction are young patients with tight skin and a moderate amount of excessive fat. You need to understand that contour irregularities, many times, are not controlled by the surgeon, although a more talented surgeon can have better results. How your skin reacts and how your skin contours after the fat is removed, it depends on different factors. For example, depending on the amount of fat in any specific area, when fat is removed, essentially a potential space is created and the skin needs to redrape this new area that fat was removed. Let’s assume that this circle is the amount of fat that you need to remove. The skin is marked in yellow. If the circle is very large, that means that you are going to have more skin to redrape a given surface area of the body once the fat is removed. The more fat you have, the more skin you are going to have, and the more likely is that you are going to develop a liposuction deformity. In addition, liposuction does very poorly in patients that have lost elasticity, they have stretch marks, or they have excessive skin. As a matter of fact, it is contraindicated in these patients with excess skin, because liposuction does not suck the skin out, it just sucks the fat. Even in patients that are young and have a relatively good skin tone, liposuction can still have minor deformities that for the most part do not bother the patient, and this includes small areas of unevenness, etc. One thing that you need to realize even if the thickness of the fat is not even after surgery, most likely you are not going to notice this but if you gain weight, you are going to start noticing areas where fat is going to accumulate more than others due to the density of the fat will be more in certain areas than others. Liposuction deformity is a risk that you need to accept prior to surgery, understanding not only the amount of fat that you have, your BMI, your excess skin, your elasticity is crucial to set expectation of what this procedure can do for you.

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