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Liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery is a common procedure which allows a cannula to be inserted through a small incision. This removes the fat using a tube connected to a suction machine. This surgical operation is performed on many areas such as the abdomen, sides, and upper and lower back. It is common for misconceptions to arise knowing that liposuction is popular nowadays. One of the fallacies associated with this procedure is that it can tighten your skin. Be reminded that liposuction’s main goal is to suck fat. Basically, the word, lipo, means fat and suction means sucking. In liposuction, the substances that come in the tube are fat, fluid and blood. Know that the liposuction cannula does not remove the skin.

There are some instances that the skin can tighten the skin after liposuction but this is in minor cases only. This happens when patients take care of themselves. There are fat that cannot be removed even if the person exercises or go on a diet. Liposuction does not do anything with the skin though the skin retracts because of the inflammation from the surgical procedure.

Liposuction can make the belly look lumpy, bumpy and uneven especially those patients who have stretch marks from pregnancy and those whose skin elasticity has been damaged by weight gain or loss. In the diagram, imagine that the circle is your body, the red is the skin and the yellow part is the fat. After liposuction, the yellow shrinks significantly. The outside circle is the skin envelope which stays the same. It is impossible for the skin to fit the smaller body. In this matter, there is excess skin, the belly looks uneven and the amount of skin is too much new for the body. Take note that liposuction and its limitations come to the skin for some crucial reasons.


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