Loss of nipple sensation after breast reduction

Loss of nipple sensation after breast reduction

04th Jun 2016

Breast reduction surgery requires an individual approach for each case according to the patient’s expectations for after the procedure. The plastic surgeon will explain the most suitable approach for your specific case. When a woman doesn’t feel good having heavy and soft breasts, a lifting or a breast reduction procedure can perform miracles for her self-confidence, and it can ease some medical conditions related to heavy breasts too. Men can also be interested in correcting breast-related issues, especially when they experience mammary gland development issues. For a breast reduction, the patient will be required to stay in the hospital for a day or two, but it is at the discretion of your plastic surgeon to decide this, and it depends on the techniques used.

The breast reduction intervention can take up to three or four hours. The look of the breast is improved by removing a portion of the mammary glands and the extra fat and skin. Normally, the areola is also reduced during the breast reduction surgery. This will leave a circular scar around the nipple area. In time, the scars will change color and will become less and less visible to the naked eye.

There are, of course, potential risks and complications associated with the breast reduction procedure, just as with any other plastic surgery procedure. These include bleeding, infection, and specific complications like issues with breastfeeding, permanent scars, loss of the nipple, or loss of nipple and areola sensation. It is important to mention that there is also a risk of delayed wound healing after the breast reduction procedure, and this is more frequent in women with a high body mass index.

While the potential risks and complications should be discussed at length with your plastic surgeon, it is essential to know what you can do to reduce the risks as much as possible even before scheduling an appointment with your doctor. Smokers have a higher risk of losing nipple sensation or losing a nipple after the breast reduction procedure, because smoking causes issues with blood circulation.

In most cases, the loss of nipple sensation is a transitory occurrence that will disappear with time. After the breast reduction procedure, the recovery process can take up to a few weeks, or even months, depending on the patient. Following the doctor’s recommendations to the letter, and avoiding smoking and even passive smoking, will help you have a safe and fast healing process as well as see impressive results after the breast reduction procedure.

The psychological component of plastic surgery is not something to neglect either. Getting used to your new body image after the breast reduction surgery can be a real challenge. This is why an experienced plastic surgeon will recommend that each patient take enough time to consider and analyze the risks and benefits of this type of surgery before making a decision.


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