Mammograms after breast implants surgery

Mammograms after breast implants surgery

17th May 2017

Mammograms after breast implants surgeryScreening mammograms are very important because they help in the early detection of breast cancer. One thing that may cause women to prevent getting mammograms is because they have breast implants. These implants are mostly made of silicone or saline and it can be difficult to see what is underneath them—a common reason why some are discouraged to get them.

Mammograms can be done even when patients have breast implants. You simply need to advise the radiologist before beginning the procedure. This way, they can perform a different technique to ensure that doctors can see as many tissues in your breasts as possible. If you have implants, make sure to go to experienced radiologists so that proper screening can be done to your breasts.

When patients have implants, the radiologist will be taking additional pictures of the breasts wherein the implants are pushed back against the chest wall. This enables doctors to see the breast fully. This technique can be uncomfortable, especially to those who have developed a hard scar from their implants. This kind of procedure is easier on patients whose implants are underneath the muscles. The extra pictures taken by the radiologist are referred to as Eklund views.

The mammogram is a generally uncomfortable procedure with or without breast implants. In combination with the mammogram, doctors may also suggest other methods to help with the screening. An MRI or ultrasound can also be done to make sure that early breast cancer is detected. Those who have a family history of it should regularly go through screening and do additional imaging procedures.

Some women may also feel apprehensive to go through a mammogram for fear that their implants will rupture during the procedure. On the contrary, as long as patients inform their radiologist, a very rare instance such as rupture can be prevented.

Regular breast screening is extremely important for all women. There are plenty of experienced radiologists who can assist patients with implants. Prevention is better than cure.

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